You Can Use Rugs As Great Artwork for Floors

I've read the post, Modern Art for Floors by Natural Area Rugs and I am really delighted about the timeline and facts related by the said article. May I quote the firs two lines of the post and it said "Area rugs are not only considered as a piece of object to step on but it is primarily an art piece for your home or office. As an art piece it can break the monotony of your boring and dull room."

I totally agree with this that rugs can really make a big difference on how a room (in office or home) will look like. It is based on how you have chosen on what carpet to use to cover your floors. The aesthetic value of the rug will surely bring elegance and a stunning appearance to the overall look of the place.

This is the reason that when you choose the area rugs to buy, you need to consider the following:

  1. The material used. If it is natural or synthetic. When it comes to elegance, most of the time natural rug are prefer by many.
  2. Color.
  3. Designs.
  4. Price
If you have any picture of any room you have that uses rug as a form of art, then share it with us by uploading it to Picasa or ImageShack then share it with us via leaving the URL of the image on the comment below.


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