You Can Use Rugs As Great Artwork for Floors

I've read the post, Modern Art for Floors by Natural Area Rugs and I am really delighted about the timeline and facts related by the said article. May I quote the firs two lines of the post and it said "Area rugs are not only considered as a piece of object to step on but it is primarily an art piece for your home or office. As an art piece it can break the monotony of your boring and dull room."

I totally agree with this that rugs can really make a big difference on how a room (in office or home) will look like. It is based on how you have chosen on what carpet to use to cover your floors. The aesthetic value of the rug will surely bring elegance and a stunning appearance to the overall look of the place.

This is the reason that when you choose the area rugs to buy, you need to consider the following:

  1. The material used. If it is natural or synthetic. When it comes to elegance, most of the time natural rug are prefer by many.
  2. Color.
  3. Designs.
  4. Price
If you have any picture of any room you have that uses rug as a form of art, then share it with us by uploading it to Picasa or ImageShack then share it with us via leaving the URL of the image on the comment below.

Where to Buy Rug Pads for HardwoodFloors?

If you have already a fine and elegant area rugs in your home and you have invested for it so much, wouldn't you mind to protect it and make its "life" much longer? Of you wouldn't mind right. This is the reason why you will buy a rug pad that will surely protect the life strand of every rug in your home. Now, if you want to buy rug pads for hardwood floors, you might want to consider to go to and visit the showcase of different types of natural fiber rugs and rug pads that you might want to like.

Natural Area Rugs is a company that is known for its elegant, durable, environmental friendly and highly affordable for everyone.

What are you waiting for, protect those rugs now.

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Do's and Don'ts About Oriental Rugs

In getting your own oriental rugs or Persian rugs at your home you should consider several things so that you will really have what you have paid for. Aside from this you should understand some do's and don'ts in buying and taking care of your purchased oriental rugs.

Here are the DO's:

  • Buy your carpets from reputable rug dealer or manufacturer which specializes in hand knotted rugs and with several years in the business.
  • Utilize the search features of the world wide web. Online rug shops such as Natural Area Rugs features online ordering and paying of items ordered.
  • Check on the price for each sizes and materials used
  • DO NOT STEAM CLEAN or DRY-CLEAN handmade oriental wool rugs. Steam Cleaning takes out the oils from the wool and converts good live wool into dead wool.
  • Avoid misrepresentation. Don't just listen to the "sales talk" and depend on the lip service, just personally check on the materials used.
If you have something to share about oriental rugs, persian rugs and any other kind of handmade carpets, feel free to drop your comments here and will try to entertain it here at oriental naisrep sgur rugs blog.

Update on Oriental Naisrep Sgur Rugs Carpetsry Blog

I've been busy lately with my other blogs and wasn't able to update this oriental naisrep sgur rugs carpetsry blog. I am planning a lot of things on this blog and one of them is to put a lot of recommendations on where and what to be the area rugs to buy to be used as floor protector and at the same time decor for the house.

Now, in my search for topic this week to feature on this site from different rug portals on the web, I found this video from Youtube containing the experience of a buyer in buying area rugs online. Here you can see that he/she uses Google to search for the item that he will search and it seems to be really helpful. Aside from that all of the searches that he conducted involving area rugs and oriental rugs are all pointing to one site called Natural Area Rugs. I researched on the site and find the site very useful. I even put a link on the site on my sidebar so that whenever someone is looking for oriental rugs or persian rugs they will be going to this rug manufacturer and retailer which I find really reliable.

Here's the video showing the said area rugs search:

Historical Value of Oriental Rugs

You might be wondering why oriental rugs are with great expensive cost and interior designers are choosing in decorating great homes. Well aside from its stunning aesthetic value, this kind of rugs have been used for several decades and been part of the history of man kind. The following are some of the historical counts that I found from article sites with regards to its use, origin and people who have been using this kind of carpet:

Oriental rugs are loved around the world for their beauty and high level of craftsmanship. It is known that people in the Middle East and parts of Asia were making rugs and carpets at least as far back as 2,000 B.C, and maybe as far back as 4,000 B.C. The techniques and material that they used to weave the pile seem to have been very similar to what Oriental rug weavers use today.

Few ancient and handmade products survived the industrial revolution as well as Oriental rugs and carpets did. It is an extraordinary attestation to the beauty and quality of these rugs that traditional techniques and craftsmanship have remained highly competitive.

Historical evidence suggests that rugs and carpets were imported from the East and distributed throughout Europe as far back as the 11th century. For example, old European paintings have been found to have Oriental rugs depicted in them. For a very long time, however, this luxury was reserved for royalty and very wealthy people. Very few other households were using Oriental rugs, or any rug whatsoever, before the 18th century.

In the 18th and 19th centuries many countries in Europe were making their own handmade rugs and carpets, and the import of Eastern rugs and carpets was still reserved for the wealthy. With the 20th century, however, came modern means of transportation and shipping. The export of rugs and carpets from the Orient to the West now became fairly inexpensive and Western countries could no longer compete with the high quality and low labor cost of Eastern rugs and carpets. The only way for Western countries to be successful in their local market was by increasing the narrowing price gap. Knowing they could not match the Oriental rug and carpet manufacturers in terms of quality, they focused on their strengths, which meant having machines, not people, make rugs in great numbers. Following World War II both Europe and North America saw significant development of the machine-made rug industry. As a result, handmade rugs and carpets produced in Europe or North America are extremely rare today.

With all the technological sophistication and financial resources available to Western countries, it is still the rug artisans of the Middle-East with their ancient weaving techniques and simple tools that reign supreme in the rug and carpet industry of today.

Every time that you will see your oriental rugs decorating your homes, you will recall this history of mankind in producing a work of art that made by the skillful hands of people who have been building quality decorations for centuries.

Buy and use oriental rugs from online retailers that you can trust like the - a friendly reminder from Oriental Naisrep Sgur Rugs site.

Oriental Rugs - Does Its Cost Worth It?

Oriental rugs are known to be pretty expensive but prefer by a lot of home owners and interior designers because of its aesthetic value and enhancement it provide in a room.There are mainly two types of  this rug, they are new rugs and the antique rugs. Antique rugs are more expensive compared to the other one. The prices differ according to the size, design, fiber used, number of knots per square inch and the place of origin of the carpet. The prices start from around $200 and can go beyond $3000 depending on the demand and quality.

Oriental rugs which are hand woven from fibers that are treated with vegetable dyes are the most expensive type of rugs in the world. Its price is directly proportional to the area (dimension) of the rug. The common sizes available are large rugs, medium rugs, small rugs and runners. Many Oriental rug vendors have fixed prices, while some allow you to bargain.

The price also depends on the idea or originality of the motif, symmetry of the patterns, harmony of color combinations, quality of used dyes, quality of wool and silk, symmetry of weave or the individual knots, ending of the weave, arrangement of fringes and marketing. Usually Persian rugs, due to their high quality, are more expensive, Indian, Nepali and Tibetan rugs are cheaper.

Oriental rug purchased online is cheaper than those purchased from the retail market. This is because most of the sites offering this product are wholesalers or importers. These companies do not spend much on advertising and marketing. It is produced by using synthetic fibers by machine weave are cheap and their price starts from about $50.

There are sites on the Internet/web today which provide information about prices of Oriental rugs, they give price comparisons, ratings and reviews. Most companies online offer discounts up to 30%.

If well maintained, the value of Oriental rugs increase with time, many antique oriental rugs have been auctioned for several thousands of dollars. But dirt, stains, unnatural coloration, and rodent attacks decrease the value of rugs. This is the reason some uses rug pads to protect it from immediate damage or misplacement that causes the decrease of the value of the rug.

Take care of your rug its worth it. A friendly reminder from Oriental Naisrep Sgur Rugs blog.